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IP blocker



BeeThink IP Blocker

IP Blocker

Block IP addresses based on IP blocklists and ban country IP addresses with Apache's .htaccess files. The best IP blocking software for 64 bits Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 2012. 

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     Looking for an award-winning and easy-to-use IP blocking software for Windows? Try BeeThink IP Blocker.

  • More than 500 Internet servers use BeeThink IP Blocker to ban country IP addresses, including HTTP servers, mail servers, FTP servers, VOIP PBX and SIP servers.

  • Block IP addresses, ports, TCP, UDP and other protocols.

  • Support 64 bits Windows Operating System, such as 64 bits Windows 2008, 64 bits Windows 7, 64 bits Windows 8 and 64 bits Windows 2012.


Anti DDoS

Anti DDoS Guardian stops Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks for Windows Servers, such as Apache servers, IIS servers, online game servers, mail servers, FTP servers, VOIP PBX, SIP servers, etc.

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     Try Anti DDoS Guardian to stop brute force password guessing attacks, SYN attacks, IP flood, TCP flood, UDP flood, ICMP flood, bandwidth attacks, etc.

  • Stop Slow HTTP Get&Post attacks.

  • Block country IP addresses.

  • Protect Windows Remote Desktop Connection from password brute force attacks.

  • Real-Time network activities monitoring.


BeeThink IP Address Whois

ip address whois

Look up IP address information. Retrieve the ownership information by digging through various whois servers automatically.


BeeThink Spydetector

spyware detector

Detect and block unknown spyware, adware, Trojans and spy bots by monitoring network traffic. An anti hacker tool which allows you to track down hackers easily. 


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