BeeThink SpyDetector detects spyware by monitoring network traffic. It checks unusual network activities in real-time and spyware network communication will easily be noticed by users.Follow the steps bellow to detect spyware:

1. Connect to the Internet in your normal method.

2. Close all network communication programs such as Internet Explorer and ICQ.

3. Restore the BeeThink SpyDetector control center.

4. Switch to the traffic mode and monitor network activities.

Generally, there are seldom network activities in your computer. These activities might be incoming packets, such as ARP or NETBIOS packets. But the outgoing packets will be seldom. If there is a permanent TCP connection ( even HTTP ), you must take some serious cautions. If you find your computer sending emails and you do not run any email client programs, there is spyware in your computer.

Follow the steps bellow to investigate more:

5. Right-click the suspicious traffic and a popup menu appears, click the "Look up the remote IP address" item.

6. Click the "record" button in the tool bar and collect the evidence.

In today's society, pc computer users are threatened by so many hacker attacks. If you connect to the Internet, hacker scanning might reach you in several seconds. In fact, much computer users' private information has been stolen without being found. Although in most cases it is better to format hard disks and reinstall the operating system again, sometimes we should track down the hackers and find out who is spying on us. The steps of tracing hackers are similar to those of detecting spyware, first of all, you have to do the above 6 steps. Please keep in mind that what you do will be noticed by the hackers. In addition, you should to contact cyber police and find out the real hackers.

Check the options dialog and make sure that the recorded file folder is correct.