Stop RDP Brute Force attacks

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Stop RDP Brute Force prevents Windows Remote Protocol Password Brute Force attacks. It reads the Windows system failed logging information and blocks those IP addresses which attempt to log on users' servers with random usernames and passwords. It is the best Fail2Ban alternative on Windows. Stop RDP Brute Force is a plug in of Anti DDoS Guardian, which can stop most DDoS attacks for Windows servers.

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Current Version: 1.0

File Size: 2.52 MB

Limitation: Must work with Anti DDoS Guardian

What is an RDP brute force attack?

An RDP brute force attack is targeting on Internet servers' passwords by endless trying and guessing. Three stages may occur during a typical RDP brute force attack. First, find the victims. Hackers may use scan tools to search online victim servers' IP address or an inside hack knows the targeted server's IP address. Second, guess the passwords. Hacking software is used to try innumerable combinations of user names and passwords days or weeks until it gets them. Last, control the servers. Reports show criminals increasingly utilize RDP vulnerabilities to deploy ransomware.

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Stop RDP Brute Force reads the Windows system RDP failed logging information in Real-Time and puts the bad IP addresses into blocking list. Any applications can create their own blocking list in Real-Time and utilize the command "IPBlockerDemon importlist block (or allow) filename" of Anti DDoS Guardian to ban bad IP addresses.

Stop RDP Brute Force is a part of Anti DDoS Guardian. If you have already installed Anti DDoS Guardian, no need to install it again.

Please click here to learn how to configure your system to catch all failed Remote Desktop Connection logging information.